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Home Culture & Arts Brace Yourselves: The #BlizzardOf2015 is Coming!

Brace Yourselves: The #BlizzardOf2015 is Coming!

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Throughout the Northeast, people are preparing for winter storm Juno. Some cities are expected to get three feet of snow, and government officials all over the East Coast have already declared a state of emergency.

In preparation for the storm, many people are taking to social media to document the effects of Juno. From major news outlets to disgruntled city dwellers, there are a ton of interesting shots to help others prep for the storm... and for those of us in warmer areas, watch in awe.

Brave yourselves... #BlizzardOf2015 posts are coming!

According to CNN and Mashable, the NYC skyline is beginning to disappear thanks to high winds and heavy snowfall.

As the snow begins to pile up, citizens are feeling the pressure to stock up their refrigerators...

Others are enjoying some good ol' blizzard humor as insane white powder continues to fall.

It doesn’t seem to be dampening anyone’s fashion sense, either!

A photo posted by Corrine Thiessen (@corrine_t) on

And although the snow is inconvenient, it does make for some adorable pictures.

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