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Brad Pitt put on the spot on “Between Two Ferns”

The latest installment of Funny or Die’s interview series “Between Two Ferns” features Brad Pitt getting hilariously grilled by comedian and host of the show, Zach Galifianakis.

Funny or Die’s popular online web series has interviewed Hollywood’s biggest names including Bradley Cooper, Steve Carell, Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Justin Bieber, and even Barack Obama. Host Zack Galifianakis translates his movie-like comedy into actually really great interview skills by breaking down the professional barrier and having a laugh with entertainment’s elite.

Brad Pitt, whose ex-wife Jennifer Aniston has also appeared on the show, was promoting his newest World War II drama, Fury, in theaters now. Although Galifianakis referred to the flick as ‘Furry,’ the two did touch on specifics of the movie and how Pitt’s showering habits were compromised throughout filming.

Promotional movie chat was expectedly cut short when Galifianakis threw it back to Pitt’s 1997 Playgirl spread and continued to ask about newlywed life with Angelina Jolie… Like asking if Pitt is able to get a suntan whilst living "in his wife’s shadow." Then for the real zing, Galifianakis alluded to some Jennifer Aniston references, causing some noticeable discomfort on Pitt’s end.

Pitt often goes along with hilarious skits (and is actually really funny), as seen last week when he was breakdancing opposite Jimmy Fallon. The five-minute video, published Tuesday, ends with Pitt jokingly spit-balling a piece of gum into Galifianakis’ eye- a conclusion true to Funny or Die’s overall persona.

Photo Credit: FunnyOrDie.com

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