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breastcancerawarenesspreventionheaderEarly detection is half the fight when it comes to cancer. 

Each year, thousands of women are given a breast cancer diagnosis. On average, one out of every eight women will hear those words and begin to wonder what they are to do next.  Since we know that this disease is so prominent among women, there is a healthy desire for information about breast cancer awareness, treatment and current research for a cure.  

The ability to arm oneself with the latest treatment options for breast cancer, awareness of the methods to detect and screen oneself for breast cancer and what the latest and greatest research results are, allows you to be as prepared and as educated as you can be on the subject. This is a good start toward breast cancer awareness and prevention and catching it early.

Breast cancer awareness goes much deeper than just knowing that this disease impacts many women. It also means understanding all the options that are available for women to properly screen and examine themselves for symptoms of breast cancer. Knowing the early signs of breast cancer as well as how to screen yourself for breast cancer are two of the most important keys to successful early detection of breast cancer. The earlier that breast cancer is detected the better the overall prognosis for the patient. Therefore breast cancer education and awareness are of immeasurable importance to women everywhere.

Two of the most valuable ways to screen for breast cancer are the mammogram and the self breast exam. There are many different recommendations about the timing of each of these and depending on your family breast cancer history, your own history, your age and other breast cancer risk factors your doctor will tell you how often to have mammograms.

As far as self breast exams, perform them monthly without fail. Breast Cancer awareness month, which is dedicated to the awareness and education of the public about this disease, spends a lot of time and money to assure that women all over the world have access to mammograms as well as the education to perform self exams.

The second piece of the puzzle is deciding on the treatment of breast cancer if you are diagnosed. There are many options available and more become available every day. From surgery to chemotherapy and radiation to hormone therapy, the breast cancer treatment options are wide and varied.

Depending on the stage of your illness you will be able to choose the option which is best for you and your family. Awareness of breast cancer treatments is paramount during this time and it is very important that you take the time to do your own research, get second opinions if you so choose, and enlist your family in the discussion.  There is unlimited information available on this subject and being an educated patient is the best option for anyone.

Breast cancer awareness is so important. Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in women (behind melanoma).  With over 190,000 women diagnosed each year, it is important that we all do our part to educate ourselves and the other women who touch our lives.

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