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how-to-give-yourself-a-breast-examLearn how to give a self-breast exam. 

Knowing and learning how to give yourself a breast exam, according to the American Cancer Society, is important for all women to do, at all ages. When a woman is in her 20's, she should begin giving herself self-breast exams. But knowing how to give a self-breast exam properly is important. Women, listen up, as we teach you how to give yourself a self-breast exam, the correct way.

early-detection-of-breast-cancer-headerKnowing About Early Detection of Breast Cancer Can Help Save Your Life or the Life of a Loved One.

There is so much importance surrounding early detection of breast cancer. And the first step to detecting breast cancer early on is knowing what to look out for. Learn about early detection of breast cancer from the American Cancer Society and take care of yourself and loved ones even if it’s just learning about breast cancer risk factors.

longhairdonationsforcancerpatientsheaderDonating hair for wigs for cancer patients.  

So you have long hair and have decided you want to have it cut short. Now the question is, what do you plan to do with the hair that you cut off? Do you plan to just let it be discarded like yesterday's trash? Instead consider donating hair to a worthy cause that helps create wigs for cancer patients. There are wonderful non-profit agencies that accept long hair donations for cancer patients.

beautiful-breast-tattoosTopless and tattooed takes on a whole new meaning for a woman who has been battling for her life.

Rich, gorgeous colors and deeply pigmented designs are gracing many beautifully tattooed breasts at outdoor gatherings across the nation. The exposure of breast tattoos in the golden afternoon sun seems somehow innocent and reminds one of how the sight of natural beauty is so much more uplifting when it's finally set free.

unlikely-survival-in-breast-cancer-headerExplaining unexpected positive outcomes in breast cancer. 

When thinking about unlikely survival in breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, the term spontaneous remission comes to mind.  Spontaneous remission is the unexplained absence of cancer where it had once been detected. With unexplained remission, there is no medicinal reason that the cancer up and disappeared. These instances, are few and far between, but the fact is, they do exist.