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inflammatory_breast_syndromeThere are several ways to check for inflammatory breast syndrome.

A visual inspection is one way to check for inflammation of breast tissue. A physical breast self exam feeling for lumps and pain is another method however a distinct lump is not always present. The feeling of pain is not a definite sign of this disease but it is a frequent indication of the disease. If a self exam produces some symptoms associated with this disease,go to a medical professional to perform further testing.

importance-of-spiritual-growth-in-fighting-breast-cancer-headerSpiritual Growth of Breast Cancer Survivors.

If you ask any breast cancer survivor what has helped her get through the hard times, 'faith' or 'spirituality' usually comes up. After all, when facing something challenging in life, no one wants to feel they are alone.  It often helps to have a belief in or connection to something outside of ourselves-and perhaps something higher-so that we can feel that there is more to the world that we are living in.

breast-cancer-support-groups-headerHandling the psychological effects of fighting breast cancer.  

It’s a devastating thing to hear you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. What do you do now? One thing, of course, you will definitely need to do, is take whatever measures possible to fight it physically. What about emotionally? One way to deal with the turmoil that is going on inside you is to look into breast cancer support groups.

hrt-and-breast-cancer-riskWhat are the real risks of using HRT?  

For years, hormone replacement therapy - commonly called HRT - has been prescribed for menopausal women to relieve symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes. It was also shown to help prevent life-threatening diseases like osteoporosis, uterine cancer, and heart disease. Recent research, however, has investigated the relationship between HRT and breast cancer risk. Despite its positives, HRT substantially increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

living-with-cancerheaderIs fighting the right word when it comes to cancer? 

When we hear of a person having cancer, some of the first words we think of are 'fighting' or 'battling'. Maybe the militaristic metaphors such as 'war on cancer' and its offshoots 'battling' or 'fighting' aren't entirely accurate for the day-to-day experience of living with cancer. While it's true that a patient's body has to do a lot of fighting because of the 'invasive' nature of the disease, a person is much more than a body. There's a lot going on in a patient's heart, mind and soul.