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breast-cancer-doesnt-care-about-your-braWe're busting myths about bras that are causing breast cancer risks to rise.

For years, undeclared bra studies make women wonder, "Is wearing a bra all day dangerous?" These rumors speculate how the compression can cause your lymph flow to be restricted if you are constantly wearing one. These lack-of-proof rumors supposedly say that the compression is how toxins build up in your breasts, but the truth is, no matter how long you wear a bra, the clothing isn’t the reason why women develop breast cancer.

These studies often lack attention to other details about breast cancer development, such as age, lifestyle, family history risk and body weight factors.

Myths About Wearing A Bra: "Wearing a Bra 24/7..."

  • Will make your breasts more healthy-looking
  • Will prevent breasts from sagging
  • Will stunt your growth
  • With an underwire will increase your breast cancer risk
  • After you turn 30 will increase breast cancer risk
  • With padded support will cause pressure and increase breast cancer risk

Wearing bras all day long and even at night has nothing to do with how breast cancer tumors form. Many of these scares start out as email hoaxes or false studies about how your breasts can’t breathe in a bra, but there hasn’t been a scientific link.

How Breast Cancer Forms

Cells in your breasts can become abnormal, sometimes depending on your diet or a high-risk in your family history for breast cancer. These dangerous cells begin to split up and start multiplying repeatedly without ever dying off. When these replicated cells group together, a tumor can be born, which creates the mass that women feel upon self-examination.

It’s important to always check with your doctor first about any lifestyle changes or uncertain questions about your risk for breast cancer. 

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