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breast_cancer_incidence_in_nursing_mothersIf I nurse my baby, am I less prone to breast cancer?

Breast cancer incidence in nursing mothers is a point of discussion among researchers. The fact is that yes, a woman who gives birth and breastfeeds her baby at least once before the age of 30, is less susceptible to developing breast cancer. Every time a woman gets pregnant and nurses her child, she effectively lowers the amount of estrogen her body produces. Estrogen is the fuel to the fire that is breast cancer. Estrogen levels have other influencing factors making quantifying prevention of breast cancer through breastfeeding difficult.

How Does Nursing Your Baby Guard You Against Cancer

It is recommended for any woman planning on having a child should do so before the age of 30 and if possible, have more than one. Each time a woman experiences a pregnancy she decreases the total amount of periods (menstruation) she has throughout her life. She also reduces her production of estrogen. Breast cancer incidence in nursing mothers is not impossible but those who nurse have somewhat less of a chance of contracting breast cancer.

A nursing mother’s breast cancer probability is severely lowered if she has multiple children. The longer your body goes without producing much estrogen translates to a decreased risk of having breast cancer. In China, the breast cancer incidence in nursing mothers was found to be lowered by more than 60% with mothers who nursed their children for a total of six years by the time she turned 30.

Obviously, most mothers recognize the problems that come up with a child and their health if nursed for too long including rotted and severely crooked teeth due to the high amounts of natural milk sugar found in breast milk. However, it is perfectly okay to breast feed your child for 18-24 months. If you choose to do so, pay attention to the development of the teeth!

Remember, you can count your prevention of breast cancer to start taking place when you are first pregnant due to lack of estrogen production so having multiple children is a great way to solve any issues with breastfeeding for too long. Additional studies have shown there are other reasons, aside from estrogen reduction, which cause the breast cancer incidence in nursing mothers to be lower than those with no children or those who did not breastfeed their children.

A nursing mother’s breast cancer risk is lowered by breastfeeding because some medical professionals believe that the act of feeding from the breast stimulates and effectively changes the very base structure of the cells within the breast. It is believed that this change accounts for the resistance the breast cells have towards mutations related to cancer. There are no definite answers for complete prevention of breast cancer but in many opinions it is believed that breastfeeding is a great place to start.

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