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16775 Breast Cancer Awareness

Founding member and cancer survivor of My Hope Chest Alisa Savoretti shares her thoughts on how cancer has changed her view of life. My Hope Chest is making a difference for under and uninsured breast cancer survivors by providing reconstruction. In fact, 4 women are scheduled to receive reconstructive surgery this fall.

Tens of thousands of women receive life-saving mastectomies each year, but can’t afford breast reconstruction to make them feel whole again. An estimated 22,000 women don’t have the insurance for reconstruction annually. My Hope Chest is the only national non-profit that’s providing reconstructive surgery for survivors.

What I Have Learned From Cancer... 

alison savorettiName: Alisa Savoretti
Age: 52
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

"I am a 12 year survivor and living in Florida with my family. I consider myself a serial entrepreneur having had the blessing to work in many fields which suits my Gemini nature. I love My Hope Chest's mission to heal survivors completely. It has become my life's work."

Womensforum: What did you learn about yourself when you found out you had cancer?
I learned I have my mother and father's strength. I took each step in stride and never thought for a moment I would not survive - I still had work to do! I realized that for me, cancer was a chapter in the book of life. I don't let it define my life nor probably would ever talk about this part of my past if it wasn't my job.

WF: What does the future hold for you? 
I am slowly working on a Broadway bound musical, back to my dancing roots. Another goal: I wish to return to my business project of retro furniture that I was working on at the time I was diagnosed (once My Hope Chest is financially sustained).

WF: What advice do you have for someone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer.
Be strong of mind and spirit. Take each day at a time and evaluate your life to make it what you wish after this journey. Always be optimistic and cancer will be behind you before you know it. Again, it's just a chapter in your book - not your life. 

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