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breast_humorBoobies and Kittys, Kittys and Boobies

Breast humor and jokes have been a popular comedic topic for about as long as comedy has been around. From chi-chi's to ta-ta's, the funny nicknames for all types of budding bosoms seem to be endless. Breast humor may seem like a taboo topic, but having a good laugh at the expense of "the girls" is good for you. As long as we steer clear from bringing up boob jokes or anything of the sort while at work, church, or any other professional type of setting, our forbidden humor is able to live on!

Why Do The Mammaries Make Us Laugh?

More than any other body part (with one possible exception), breasts seem illicit gigles. Whether you are young or old, male or female anyone can join in on some boob jokes for entertainment from time to time. Heck, even animals can get in on the fun:

A camel was asked by an elephant “Why do you have boobs on your back?” The camel replies “How rude! Maybe I should be asking you why your weenie is on your face!”

Breast Jokes

Body part jokes can range from totally appropriate to totally raunchy, so make sure to show a little class when showing off your talent for telling boob jokes. Here is one that should go over well with just about anyone:

Q: How does a woman know when to stop nursing her baby?

A: When teeth marks begin showing up!

This next breast humor joke may seem a bit distasteful to some, but as most comedians say, open minds and humor run hand in hand.

When time began, the first woman was made with 3 boobs. She did not enjoy the middle boob and pleaded with God to remove it. God agreed and immediately removed the extra boob, which was now in the woman's hand. She was confused and asked “What should I do with the worthless boob?” God answered by creating man.

With a little creativity, you can start coming up with your own breast jokes. Here's a few more to get your creative juices flowing. Next time you come across a girlfriend who is feeling down, try some girl's only breast humor to her smiling again.

Q: When you're pregnant your boobs, feet, and belly get bigger. Is there anything that gets smaller?

A: Yes! Your bladder.

What cup sizes really mean:

  • A: Are those even boobs?
  • B: Bitty Boobies
  • C: Cute Cups
  • D: Dang!
  • DD: Ding Dongs
  • E: Enormous
  • F: Fake

Q: What did one breast say to the other?

A: I hope we get support soon or people will think we're nuts!

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