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breastfed-children-are-smarter-new-study-videoA new baby is a wonderful gift and a life changing event.

The balance of family, career and motherhood can be overwhelming. But more research is in support of breastfeeding for new mothers.

Although three in four new moms start off breastfeeding, the drop-off rate is significant. According to reports, only half of that number continue to breastfeed for the recommended six months, as advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


A new study reconfirms the 2010 study that babies that are breastfed for six months compared to those who were not score higher on intelligence tests on math, writing and reading by the age of 10.

So, why aren't more moms breastfeeding? It may be that moms are heading back to work and finding it difficult to pump or continue with breastfeeding on the transition.

Check out our article on "How Long You Should Breastfeed Your Baby."

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