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brett-michaels-rushed-offstage-medical-emergency-headerThe diabetic singer cut a show short due to low blood sugar. 

Bret Michaels' tour show in Manchester, New Hampshire was cut short Thursday when the musician experienced low blood sugar. Just three songs in, the singer left the stage to receive attention from paramedics. The singer's blood sugar issues have been with him since childhood, yet his guitarist Pete Evick was still shocked. 

"I've never seen a look like the one on his face, as if I was a complete stranger," Evick reportedly said. 

He added that Michaels' condition was so bad that "he could barely speak," but insisted on getting an apology out to his fans and returned to the stage only to announce that he could not continue.

"He basically had to be dragged off the stage in his sickest of conditions," Evick said. Later that evening, Michaels' team tweeted a thank you to the medical staff.



The singer was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a child and has suffered from a number of other health issues over the past several years. In 2011, he successfully underwent surgery to fix a hole in his heart. The problem existed since birth, but was only found when he was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage. 

The group is scheduled to perform tonight (May 30) in Wilkes-Barre, PA, but there is still no word on whether Michaels and the group will perform as scheduled or if the singer needs additional time to rest and recover. 

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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