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Bretton-Holmess-BiographyHi there!

My name is Bretton Holmes. In the ten years I’ve been a media relations expert specializing in the medical, healthcare, wellness, and beauty fields, I’ve found that it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through the fodder of what people need to know when it comes to living their lives as effectively as possible. Finding the best experts the world has to offer can be challenging for anyone, even more so for the layperson.

The fact is, while I happen to be on the male side of the equation, I realize that from time immemorial, while the guys were out trying to keep from scaring off dinner, the women were back at camp, discussing the issues that mattered to them the most; like how to get more exercise, keep their skin protected from the sun, and how best to deal with those times when the results of the hunt only brought home stress and what it truly means to find that inner peace we all, (guys too) strive to find on a daily basis.

The Purpose of Word on Wellness

The purpose of my blog will be to bring you the best most up to date information and research from a wide variety of fields. I’ll be featuring experts in an array of insights, drilling these down to their most essential ‘need to know’ elements - from nutrition to anti-aging, from beauty experts to financial planners, from relationship experts to psychology, from fertility and reproductive endocrinology and investigational research in wellnessand medicine, along with many other ‘need to know’ areas and industries.

Topics to Explore

Ever want to know what a particular nutrient’s impact is on your sleep? How about the pitfalls and pathways of the most effective way to take care of your skin, regardless of what month it is? How about how to get the most out of your trip to a medical spa before you every walk in the door? What about medical procedures? What about those elective ones everyone is always talking about? We will explore anything and everything that a woman needs to know when it comes to her health and wellness, both inside and out.

My goal will be to uncover the best solutions and strategies from top experts around the world so that women will have the knowledge and the ability to make the smartest choices possible regarding decisions about their health, wellness and overall well-being. I look forward to our conversations!

To learn more about me and my company, please visit Holmes World Media.

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