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ptr-bridalzine-125sqBridalzine is the place to go if you, a relative, or a good friend of yours are getting married. From finding the right dress to planning the most heavenly honeymoon this site provides the information you need. Try the wedding budget guide to find out what you can afford and read the great tips on how to find a fancy cake or some gorgeous flowers, even on the smallest budget. They have insightful tips on how to find out what style of gown fits you the best and the dress store links and street addresses to match. Visit Website

The well informed editors of this site have done all the research for you. It's your one stop shop for wedding resources and advice. They also have suggestions of several kinds of wedding music depending on what you are going for and explain to you all the different meanings of flowers and other deep knowledge of other wedding ceremony symbols. Bridalzine is your own private wedding planner and will send you safe and well informed on your way to a fabulous wedding.

Womensforum Partner: BridalZine joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 6/1999.

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