• Brigitte Bardot's Legendary Beauty

    Brigitte Bardot's Legendary Beauty

    Actress, icon, sex symbol.. Brigitte Bardot is recognized as many things, but more recently, it's for her 81st birthday on September 28. Although she has become a public figure in France for her animal advocation work, many still remember her for her stunning beauty. Bardot is one of the most recognizable faces of her time and images of her still inspire fashionistas all around the world. As the world is celebrating Bardot's life, we are taking a look back at her greatest looks. Bonne Anniversaire Brigitte!

    Photo Credit: Everett Collection / Photobucket.com / Biography.com

  • Fresh Debut

    Fresh Debut

    Making her acting debut in 1952, Bardot stunned French audiences with her fresh and youthful beauty and stunning curves. 

    Photo Credit: Everett Collection

  • Wedding Fab

    Wedding Fab

    Although the coupling did not last, Brigitte Bardot's marriage to film director Roger Vadim helped establish them as one of the "It" couples of the post-war French film scene. This is one of the few images we have of Bardot going au natural... on her face.

    Photo Credit: RDA

  • The


    As Bardot's star grew, her cat-eye flicked eyeliner paired with a messy, bed head bouffant revolutionized the beauty industry. French girls everywhere began lining their lips to get the "Bardot" look - sorry Kylie, Brigitte did it first!

    Photo Credit: ITV/Rex

  • Big Bouffant

    Big Bouffant

    Bardot's fame ballooned to mega stardom during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and as a result, so did her bouffants.

    Photo Credit: Photobucket.com

  • Oversized Headband

    Oversized Headband

    If there's any lasting beauty look of Bardot, it is her wide headband and winged eyeliner look. Placed above tousled hair, this legendary Bardot look has saved fashionistas from bad hair days for years. 

    Photo Credit: Photobucket.com

  • Pigtails


    Although Bardot did not invent the pigtail hairstyle, it was her that made it ultra cool during the 1960s. For those who want to replicate it, all it takes is some teased hair and two hair ribbons. How chichi!

    Photo Credit: Photobucket.com

  • Parted Bangs

    Parted Bangs

    After two decades of influencing fashion and beauty, Bardot's last gift was the middle parted bangs. The perfect way to frame a face, this was Bardot's way of going boho in the 1970s. 

    Photo Credit: Biography.com

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