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It’s time to ditch the bar scene and meet someone online. It all starts with a simple “hi.” Gone are the days of using selfies to attract that special guy. Now, you can browse through videos of real men in your area to meet Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now on a new video social app called JustSayHi. 

Since a photo can’t capture your personality like a video can, JustSayHi allows you to show off your individuality. Once you make a connection, you can send private videos to whomever you are messaging. The best part is your connection will be genuine because catfish hate taking videos! We love the idea of video profiles since it makes the connection between two people feel more real, and there are no personality quizzes, no tags, no random descriptors, and no hoops to jump through - just you connecting with people who catch your eye. 

Users love that the new app can help them determine if the person they think is cute and might want to chat with has an annoying laugh or some other annoying mannerism.  “They can also better determine a persons ‘vibe’ from the videos,” says Vanchau Nguyen, creator of JustSayHi. 

Although he says not everyone is going to be comfortable doing video, people were not always comfortable being on online dating sites either but that has started to change.

“It’s much more common and widely accepted and the trends are showing that more people are comfortable with it.”  -Vanchau Nguyen, JustSayHi Creator

Nguyen says JustSayHi is different from other dating apps because he feels the traditional online dating industry isn’t actually interested in helping people find real relationships. “It’s built around a business model where you pay the site for access to people.” And that’s why JustSayHi is free and always will be! 

We know you’re anxious to start viewing video profiles of singles in your area so visit JustSayHi.com to get the app. Download on iPhone now or download the Android version, which is available on Google Play. 

Mingle Limited is a privately owned company created by a passionate entrepreneur working to connect people by revolutionizing mobile social communication. 

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