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britney-spears--answers-fan-questions-on-vineThe questions we have been dying to ask Britney Spears have been answered… well sort of. Britney Spears took just a few seconds out of her day to answer fan questions. The bubbly singer called the Q&A #6SecondsofSpears.

Fans were tweeting the star with their dying-to-know questions. 

We probably could have guessed this one—the Las Vegas performer is a night owl. 

 Once a Disney kid, always a Disney kid. 

 Though we're obsessed with Starbucks' holiday drinks, Brit seems to favor a fruity classic on the menu.

We’re sure this song has helped Spears shake off the haters. The former controversial star has come a long way since allowing the negative energy enter her world.

 Awww, Mama Brit! 

 Sounds like Britney’s mom can cook up quite a meal for her growing family. 

 Hoping that all Britney’s Christmas wishes come true!

Britney signed off Vine after answering roughly a dozen of her loyal fans’ questions. While we enjoyed Britney being an open book, we’re hoping this is a regular occurrence! Thanks for the love, Britney!

Photo Credit: Splash 

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