There is no doubt Britney Spears has her place in pop culture mainstream that set's an influencing pace and standard thousands of young women hope to imitate.  Many teenage girls try to mimic the way Britney Spears sings and dances and most often along with wanting to dance like Britney Spears, they desire the entire Britney look the hair, clothes and her awesome makeup, which makes her look simply adorable.

While this article won't teach how to dance like Britney spears or dress like her, since those are two totally different articles; it will help you look like her using Britney spears makeup tips that are quick and simple.  If all else fails at least you can look as cute as Britney Spears does with these simple makeup tips.

Before applying makeup there are a few things young women should do to ensure the skin remains healthy.  The most important step to celebrity makeup tips that will manage clean healthy skin is to remember to always wash the face with hypoallergenic skin cleansers, toners and moisturizers after each wash.  It is Ideal to wash the face at least twice daily if wearing foundation makeup.  First follow dirctions for a basic facial cleansing using a hypoallergenic skin cleanser and toner followed by moisturizing at least 10-20 minutes before applying makeup.

The second and most important facial cleansing process is at the end of the day, which should be a deep cleaning program to make sure the pores are clear of makeup residue and to ensure less breakouts and skin irritation.  Typically washing the face twice, once using a makeup remover, second using skin cleanser then applying a facial mask or apricot scrub followed by moisturizing is sufficient.

Once your face is properly clean the next step is applying a neutral concealer. Concealer will provide evenness to your skin tone as well as cover up any blemishes or dark eye circle.   If you have dark circles around the eyes, make sure you apply concealer around the eyes.  Since most of Britney Spears makeup tips are focused on deep alluring eye makeup, make sure the complexion texture around the eyes is smooth and color is evened out.  Massage foundation in gently so as not to stretch delicate skin around the eyes.

Apply foundation as normally prescribed using a small dap of foundation on the five points of the face, forehead, nose, both cheeks and chin.  Then ever so lightly however thoroughly using upward circular motions apply foundation evenly. Final step to foundation application is applying a light powdered finish using a transluscent foundation powder to set the makeup.

Before defining that awesome Britney eye makeup look the most important part of making your eyes stand out and get noticed are the eyebrows.  This means plucking wild or stray brows, but if you have a squeamish stomach going to a salon and having them professionally waxed and shaped for as cheap as $5 dollars at some salons is great.  Then defining your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil at a color that matches your skin tone is preferred.  Example: if your hair color is blonde usually an eyebrow color a shade darker is good and if your hair is darker then finding the matching brow pencil color to your hair is best.

Applying eye makeup like Britney Spears is fairly simple and only requires three neutral eye shadow shades. these are found in beiges and light to dark browns.  You can chose from any eye shadow type either, powder or pencil.  Moister shadows found in creme and soft pencil form work best and offer bolder makeup colors.  Britney typically uses a cream, light tan and a dark brown shadow to create her basic eye "look".

First apply the light tan as a base color, and then add the dark brown to the eye crease and blend.  Finally apply the cream shadow to the brow bone and gently blend the cream shadow into the dark brown to give eyes depth.  To finish off the eyes apply black eyeliner to line the eyes. Britney lines both top and bottom lids with the color going slightly inside the lid on the bottom.  Britney use a black liner and sometimes softens the look by smearing the eye liner ever so slightly.

Learning how the celebs get their sexy, cute or mysterious looks using cosmetics like the Britney Spears eye makeup tips, gives young women an opportunity to mimic the style and/or re-create their own styling using celebrity makeup tips as a guide.

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