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Broadway Musical Pictures

Broadway and The Big Screen Cross the Artistic Bridge

Hollywood big screen movies versus the thrill of a live Broadway show...the huge success of a live performance on Broadway doesn't always necessarily translate on to the big screen.  The result can be an infamous box office smash failure. Why do some spectacular live shows make the Hollywood cut, but others flop miserably? And what of the reverse, with Hollywood movies that are perhaps destined for a special place in Broadway history? Broadway Musical Pictures; love them or hate them; they're here to stay!

Let's face it everyone enjoys a good movie and those who are fortunate to see a spectacular Broadway show are most often amazed and moved by the experience. Broadway Musical Pictures bring the excitement and thrill of the blockbuster musical production to everyone as it offers a more affordable option for the majority of people that otherwise would miss out due to the expense of Broadway theatre tickets. Which is better; a Broadway play or the Hollywood Blockbuster film version? That depends upon your stance and particular vantage point.

What Happens to Broadway Musicals When They Become Movies?

Firstly the Broadway live musical performance will always be somewhat different to a Hollywood movie remake, due to distinct diversity of atmosphere, expectation and audience participation. In live theatre the audience's reaction adds to the theatrical air which is continually recreated. In movie adaptations the audience member is merely an observer because the performance is static. Live performance holds a magic appreciated by actors and theatre goers alike.  The synergy of the moment is part of the experience.  There have been many classic movies from Broadway plays that have been extremely successful and no doubt there will also be many movies that make it all the way to Broadway. Here's just a few to look at.

Chicago: This amazing piece of entertainment encompasses everything that is unquestionably Broadway.   Don't miss the thrilling story of fame, fortune and jazz. Watch the sultry female alchemist ploying for freedom and victory as she delivers an exuberant musical cabaret of sensuality, sexuality and charm.  Magic on the stage. Likewise Chicago The Movie was an equally huge success with a star studded cast that wowed cinema audiences throughout the world. One thing is for certain; people will watch this spectacular musical masterpiece again and again regardless whether it's a live Broadway show, a big screen cinema or just hanging at home on DVD. One thing's for certain, Chicago always delivers!

Gone With The Wind: The Broadway version of this blockbuster movie is a little darker as it's told from a different viewpoint, that of the slaves at Tara. It adheres more to the novel.  Sadly the reviews weren't that good.  However, this classic book became the highest grossing film of its day.  Starring Clarke Gable and Vivienne Leigh the movie version is still regarded as one of the bona fide classics of American popular cinema even to this day.

Phantom Of The Opera: Unfortunately what is a brilliant gothic tale of physical anguish and a horror story loses credibility once it hits the big screen. The story is one that demands an atmosphere of horror and instead the audience is treated to a cotton candy musical romance that is filled with revised and rearranged music that completely alters the dynamics of this literary masterpiece. The Broadway production captures the true essence of the creation. Audiences fell in love with a tortured soul that manages to capture everyone's heart, despite being totally unlovable. Brilliant!

Broadway Musical Pictures will always have their place.  But to reach millions,the translation to screen depends upon the expertise of film artists.  Broadway's exposure often benefits from a show becoming a movie.  The opportunity to receive an opening night red carpet welcome with millions of adoring fans that love the thrill that only live theatre can create sometimes is shared by the stars in the show of the same name--an opportunity to walk down that second red carpet- at the Oscars!

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