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brooklyn-sinkhole-nearly-swallows-carsWhat Can We Do To Prevent These Unseen Dangers?

There are plenty of dangers to worry about when travelling city streets. However, one might be a danger that goes pretty unseen until it happens. That’s a sinkhole, and one Brooklyn sinkhole that nearly swallowed a car whole is making headlines. While city workers responded quickly to save the car, the city sinkhole raises many concerns and some Brooklyn residents are speaking out about it. One thing’s for sure: New York City workers will be busy this weekend with the sinkhole fix.

The Brooklyn Sinkhole

CBSNewYork.com reported that the August 2 sinkhole was 20 feet deep by 20 feet wide. The sinkhole in city neighborhood Bay Ridge is leaving one mother and daughter pair shaken up, but thankful. The two had just parked their car on the street when the sinkhole came about, leaving their vehicle teetering on the edge.

It took tireless effort by city workers to very carefully keep the car from falling into the Bay Ridge sinkhole. Residents even gathered to watch them, taking pictures and even a video of sinkhole. One witness described that it was like Jenga, a game where one move could send a pile of wooden blocks crashing down. Several other cars lined the street as well.

Maddie Flood, the owner of the car that almost fell into the Brooklyn sinkhole, says that they’re “so blessed.” She pointed out that if they were five minutes later, they could have ended up in the sinkhole.

What Caused the Brooklyn Sinkhole?

Though the sinkhole cause wasn’t immediately known, sparking rumors of an unstable infrastructure, the actual cause of sinkhole was relatively more mundane than that. According to New York’s Department of Environmental Protection, it was a 110-year-old sewer main break that caused the massive sinkhole to appear.

Sinkhole Safety Concerns

Sinkholes are relatively uncommon for New York, though a few others have been in the news lately. One sinkhole in July in Colorado was caused by an old, abandoned railroad tunnel, which led to a part of a highway being shut down. In Florida, sinkholes swallowed two backyards in May.

However, this Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn has had some sinkhole problems. In June, eleven families in this neighborhood were evacuated from homes due to a 60-foot sinkhole. Some residents are angered by the Bay Ridge sinkhole, saying the roads have been subject to construction and blamed city workers for the hole.

Luckily, there were no injuries. Even so, sinkholes are a danger that is hard for the average person to avoid, so it may be difficult to take action against them. Should city workers do better to prevent these occasions, or are they bound to happen regardless? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credit: CBS 2

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