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With only one SNL season under his belt, Brooks Wheelan will not be returning in the fall.

As Saturday Night Live prepares for its 40th season, there have been remarks on how changes will continue to be made since the show is in the "middle of rebuilding," as executive producer Lorne Michaels states. It seems as if the first major change is the firing of SNL rookie, Brooks Wheelan.

Wheelan took to Twitter on Monday to announce the news.


A representative of NBC responded to the buzz by explaining that the network, as well as SNL, does not comment on cast changes.

During his time on SNL, Wheelan made several appearances on Weekend Update, often as himself instead of a character. He has told embarrassing stories from his life to make sure others do not make the same mistakes.



He once explained on Weekend Update that people should really take a moment to consider getting a tattoo and then proceeded to show three of his own that meant absolutely nothing to him. After revealing a nautical star on his arm, Wheelan stated that "the only thing it means is that I shouldn't be trusted with my own thoughts."

Wheelan is not the first cast member to be fired from the show. Many notable names in Hollywood made short-lived appearances on SNL like Robert Downey Jr., Billy Crystal, and more recently, Jenny Slate. Even Chris Parnell, who had a memorable presence on the show during his eight seasons, was fired twice!

Despite his departure, hopefully Wheelan will find success on his own while SNL continues to adapt to a new era of comedy.


Photo Credit: Hulu

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