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bryan-cranston-breaking-bad-news-headerIs Walter white dead or alive?! The fans want to know!

Bryan Cranston’s "IDK" statement in regards to his Breaking Bad character Walter White being alive has got fans excited. In a CNN interview, three little words by Cranston sent many in uproar about the possibility that the show isn’t completely over.

Bryan Cranston Shocks Fans

The FX show ran for five shocking seasons with new twists and turns that gained more and more fans. Ending on a sour note, leaving fans thinking Walter White dies on the very last episode, Cranston makes them believe maybe we haven’t seen the last of Mr. White.

On CNN, Ashleigh Banfied asked “Is he dead?”

Cranston replied, “I don’t know,” after saying “Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything.”

Is it too soon to look for a movie or spin off show with Walter White? We can't say yay or nay just yet but Cranston surely makes us wonder if the cast of Breaking Bad is hiding some big news. We all just have to wait for it!

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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