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Home Culture & Arts They're Getting Rid Of The Best Part About Bubble Wrap!

They're Getting Rid Of The Best Part About Bubble Wrap!

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You might want to start stocking up all your extra storage space with bubble wrap, because a packaging company has announced that the comforting and entertaining sounds of "pop, pop, pop" will soon be gone forever.

The pop-able plastic sheets of bubbles have been there for all your most important life events - as a stress reliever after an exam or a big breakup, a diversion until the pizza came when you moved into your first big-girl apartment, and the best way to annoy your big brother when he insisted on watching his show. 

Sealed Air, which has been making bubble wrap since 1960 (the product was invented in 1957), has announced that due to decreased demand it will replace the bubble wrap that we all grew up with a new non-popable product. Where's the fun in that? 

Well, apparently many retailers don't share our love of bubble wrap and complain that it's too bulky and too expensive. Killjoys.

Bubble Wrap companies like Sealed Air have heard their complaints and developed iBubble Wrap, a packaging material that is sold flat without air. 47 trucks of the original bubble wrap can now be condensed into one with the new material, so it will definitely save space and money for retailers. However, once the iBubble Wrap is inflated, you won't be able to pop it. Instead, air will just move around in the material. Sigh.

Before you know it, the original bubble wrap is going to be gone, and with it hours of playtime and stress relief that your kids and grandkids will never know.

So stock up now! 

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