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The thought of redecorating your home can seem like a daunting task, not to mention expensive. Your budget may not allow for a pricey overhaul of big-ticket items such as sofas and flooring, but you can refresh your décor without breaking the bank. Follow these cheap and chic tips to liven up your living space.

Focus on High Traffic Rooms

When time and money won’t allow for complete redecoration, pay attention to the rooms that are used the most such as the living room, main bathroom and kitchen. The space around us can greatly affect our mood so begin by focusing your attention to the places that you spend the most time.

Reach for The Paint

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to dramatically change a room. Add a totally new look with a bright paint color, or keep things subtle and simple with a neutral color to keep your space bright and fresh. If you go down the neutral route, add statement accessories to inject some personality back into the room.

Add Inexpensive Accessories

Change up the accessories to instantly create a new look. Mirrors will add twinkle and light and open up a room, making it appear larger. Swap your cushions and throws for new ones in seasonal colors. Look out for soft furnishings in different textures, such as wool, satin or fluffy to add interest.

Switch Up Your Wall Art

Can’t remember the last time you changed the wall art or photos in your living room or hallway? Or have you even stopped noticing them altogether? Switch up the images in your frames and move them around to keep things fresh. You don't even need to buy anything new - just move your artwork around for a whole new look and feel!

Change The Small Details

Don’t overlook the importance of the little details. Changing door and wardrobe handles, light switch fixtures and lampshades is inexpensive and can change the entire feel of a room.

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