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ptr-budget101-125sqBudget 101 caters to the frugal or do-it-yourselfer featuring hundreds of articles on things like growing your own vegetables, canning or preserving your own excess produce in order to save it for years, make a very tasty dish out of cheap ramen noodles and drying your own food to use in recipes later on. There is even an article on how to dry your excess meat for beef jerky. There are tons of recipes and food preparation articles even for gluten free cooking and food safe for diabetics or any other health concern. Visit Website

The do it yourself/make it yourself section is what really sets the site apart, however, showing you how to do so many useful things like how to make your own laundry softener, mosquito repellent, sunblock, pest control, and detergent recipes all cheap and free of harmful chemicals. Also check out the sections on how to organize and save the most with coupons as well as a healthy section on ordering up freebies through the mail.

Womensforum Partner: Budget101 joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 11/2005.

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