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Building Hormones for HEalthy AgingWe know the human body is capable of wonderful things. Unfortunately, as we age the wonder can sometimes turn more into befuddlement and frustration. A big part of this change is the result of our hormones. Whether it’s our weight, mood or health, hormones are either blamed or credited for a lot of what occurs within our body.

So much is attributed to our hormones that many of us feel like they almost have mystical powers. However, we do have a large influence on our hormones by the exercise we choose to do. By selecting the right types of exercises and understanding what triggers the right kind of hormonal production, we can take advantage of all of their benefits.

Hormones are secreted by a system of glands that drive our body’s growth, metabolism, sexual development and function, sugar and mineral homeostasis, digestion and yes, our weight. Exercise, specifically strength training, can have a dramatic impact on these hormones. In order to stimulate the release of hormones that burn fat, build muscle, improve bone density and increase our energy, the strength training must be done in such a way that it stimulates the necessary effects.

One of the best ways to know if strength training is stimulating the necessary hormones is from lactic acid accumulation or "muscle burn." While generally uncomfortable, muscle burn is great feedback to know your body is kick-starting the production of hormones that are essential to burn fat and build muscle like HGH , and various thyroid hormones.

Additionally, exercise can have us feeling good from endorphins and increasing our energy from epinephrine production. This in turn helps to regulate other hormones like testosterone, estrogen and insulin to burn fat. The best way to produce these hormonal effects is to select exercises that focus on the largest muscle groups and include movement around more than one joint.

Examples would include the leg press, chest press/pushups and pulldown/pull-ups. What’s more is that it doesn’t take a really long time to induce the production of these hormones. Gone are the days when workouts need to last 30-60 minutes. Brief workouts targeting the largest muscle groups with enough effort to encourage you to embrace the burn are what’s key.

If your workouts target the major muscle groups, meaningful enough to produce muscle fatigue and muscle burn you will be unlocking the mystery behind hormones and taking advantage of their amazing health benefits quicker than you can spell HGH.

Courtesy of TJ Lux, the Director of Training and Development on The Exercise Coach corporate team and is also a multi-unit franchisee. Lux is an all-star athlete who returned from his pro basketball career in Europe to join The Exercise Coach team. Cutting-edge technology and fitness routines carried him through a successful athletic career at Northern Illinois University, where he ranks as the school’s all-time leader in points and rebounds, and in Europe, where he earned various all-star and MVP recognition. 

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