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Photo Credit: mshcdn.com

It's extremely important to be prepared for unexpected and potentially dangerous situations, especially in schools. The need for more advanced safety precautions is a major concern in school districts all over the country and can lead to some pretty inventive ideas.

A new design for a bulletproof blanket has emerged and has been tested to work as a temporary shield for students that might be involved in a serious situation.

The blanket has straps so that children can wear the material behind them like a backpack. From there, the student can sit on their knees, lean forward, and use the material to create a shelter around them.


Photo Credit: Facebook

The actual blanket is made from the same materials that make up standard police and military protective armor. Due to the quality of this material, these blankets are quite expensive (each coming in just under $1,000) and most likely difficult for many school districts to afford. As the development and testing goes forward however, there are plans to look into working with non-profit organizations and partnerships with schools to make the cost much more affordable.

The blanket can also be used as a protective shield against natural disaster debris from tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., even though the primary reason for development was in fact to protect students during school shootings.

Providing students more elements of safety and taking extra precaution is the main focus since there is always hope that there will not be a threatening situation where these blankets will need to be used.

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