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burn-calories-without-working-out-the-nonworkout-workoutWant to Burn Calories Without Working Out?

In our daily lives we sometimes think the only way to get in shape is by going to the gym.  And although there can be plenty to do from weight lifting to group fitness classes while there, you might be surprised to find there are easy things you might be doing around the house and other recreational activities that you may already do, that burn calories as well. That's right, lose weight without working out.

Here are 12 things you can do to burn 100 calories and the number of minutes you'll need to do them.  Challenge yourself to burn at least 300 calories every day and by the end of the month, without changing your diet, you could lose a whole pants size.  Plus, I've added the targeted body parts that you will tone up if you engage in these activities at least three-four times per week. Try the non-workout workout!

Lose Weight Without Working Out

1. Vacuuming - 25 minutes

Use good posture and stand tall instead of bent over to engage your tummy muscles.  Alternate arms on the push and pulling of the movement.  Focus: Arms

2. Walking - 15 minutes

Taking a brisk walk 2-3 times a day can also help lower stress levels. Be sure to push off your big toe and take larger strides while swinging your arms.
Focus:  Legs

3. Gardening - 15 minutes

Bending and standing, pulling weeds and digging in the dirt is a great total body workout.  Remember to use a knee pad while kneeling and avoid being bent over from the waistline to avoid back pain. 
Focus:  total body

4. Biking - 10mph flat surface - 40 minutes

You might be surprised how effortlessly it is to ride a bike.  You might also be surprised to find out that because you're not weight bearing in your legs, you'll burn less calories riding a bike than walking.  However, the time can really fly by on a bike outdoors and you might even use it to head to and from work or the grocery store to incorporate it's benefits into your week.
Focus- Lower body

5. Swimming - 15 minutes

Swimming is great for the joints and can still produce great toning effects.  Alternate strokes to change muscles group every five laps.  This is will keep your workout more interesting to avoid long term burnout. Focus - total body

6. Stairs - 20 minutes

You might be surprised to find that you'll be winded after only three flights of stairs.  If this is the case, practice not only makes perfect but it will soon change quickly.  You'll find that stair climbing can boost your cardiovascular conditioning faster than going out for a run.  Remember to use your arms on the hand rails to pull your body up instead of just pushing up from each stair.   Going down is more challenging than up on the joints so try side stepping.  Be sure to lead with both legs on the way down to stay in balance. Focus - legs and heart

7. Pushing the stroller - 20 minutes

Taking baby out for a walk is a great idea and can benefit you as well.  By taking a walk with the baby stroller, you will both enjoy the benefits of some fresh air and change of scenery. Focus on lightly holding onto the stroller with a firm grip and standing upright. Focus - Lower body

8. Dancing - 20 minutes

Turn on the iPod and start moving.  Dancing has taken a center stage with the celebrity competitions and certainly the fitness clubs have pushed it out with Zumba and Jazzercise.  But you don't need a fancy dress or instructor to help you burn calories while dancing.  Just put on some music and let your body start moving. Focus - total body

9. Weight training - 25 minutes

Certainly weight training is good exercise.  Most people perform one set of movement then rest for 30-60 seconds in between.  I wanted to include this so one can see the benefits of all types of movement and how they compare to traditional "fitness training".  Make sure you have proper instruction and form. Focus - Total body

10. Volleyball - 12 minutes

In the spirit of the Olympics, volleyball is a fun, outdoor activity that can burn calories too.  Play in the sand and burn a few extra calories! Focus - Arms

11. Kissing - 90 minutes

Although kissing may improve your love life, it won't burn calories as much as other activities you can do.  But it's at least nice to know, you can still burn a few while igniting your life.

12. Sex -15- 20 minutes

Okay maybe there is good reason to have a loving relationship.  Making love can burn around 144 calories a half hour.  Although there are many variations that can effect calorie burn, I'll leave the creative ideas to your imagination. Focus - relationship

For more workout tips, please visit www.andreametcalf.com.


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