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daycareRunning a Daycare Center from Your Home

So you want start a business plan for a daycare center? Well in getting started there are a few things you should know about running a daycare from home.  Aside from the business licenses, permits, insurances, child proofing and activities, there are loads of other things your new daycare business idea well need to address.   Before figuring out the potential income stream and liabilities of running an in-home daycare center, you should ask yourself how much you enjoy children.  Someone with little to no patience for kids should most certainly rethink the idea entirely!   Quite naturally you're going to have to love kids and all the extras that come with them.

Your In-Home Daycare Center Business Plan

To simply point out a few extras your going to have to deal with try germs, noise, clutter, toys, boo boo's etc.!  But, if you're already a parent, then you're one step ahead of the rest!  Conversely, however, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll have the best day care center in the neighborhood.   In order to ensure you have the best business plan for a day care center address these 4 additional essential elements to the plan.

The first thing you learn when researching how to open a home daycare business is the generic information like the business license, insurance and permit requirements.  Additionally, you'll want to find out demographics and distances to other day care centers in the surrounding radius of your proposed daycare location.

Four essential Elements for Your Daycare Business Plan

As you go along your going to begin the tedious task of figuring out, overhead cost for; equipment, child proofing, meals, transportation, staff, and any remodeling that may need to be done.  Essentially, because this is an in home business, you should design the daycare and treat it as a typical outside business!    So lets' get started!

  1. Organization - When developing your daycare center business plan always consider maintaining an organized and safe environment. This should be included in the business plan to demonstrate that your services are safe and clean for the children. This means maintaining general household chores in the evenings or early morning hours as oppose to during the day when children are present and your attention and supervision is most required!
  2. Risk Management - The biggest factor to running a home daycare center is to exemplify your plans to reduce the risk of accidents. Your business plan should illustrate, when possible, how you've designated a specific area to daycare services to minimize the potential for child related injuries. If there's not enough room to section off part of the house or property solely for child care services, then you should point out other methods of reducing the risk. For example; child proofing doors and cabinets, erecting child safety fences and toilet seat locks.
  3. Child to Caregiver Ratio - The number of children being cared for by one attended is very critical to a successful business plan and overall success of the day care center for that matter! You run a greater risk of more incidents and potential child neglect when you care for more children than you should at one time. For this reason you should make sure that you have sufficient staff to account for a comfortable number of children at one time. Generally 10: 1 is the max limit without sacrificing the quality of overall care. Additionally the children's ages are also important and should not include more than 3 infants and 5 children under the age of 8 per 1 caregiver at a time.
  4. Uniqueness - All business plans should devote an entire section to how the daycare center is unique from the other centers. Basically what sets your daycare business plan aside from the rest! This is where your research requires a little deeper investigative work. Simply visit surrounding daycare centers in your community and notate the various activities, structures and services they offer. Then develop your own daycare business plan point out your differences or how you've improved a process standardized by the current industry.

With a little planning and forethought your dreams of starting a daycare center at home can be closer to reality than you may think!  Always consult with a seasoned business consultant and/or financial advisor about other possible factors you may need to address and in order to construct a stronger business foundation.  All that's left to do after that is plan for your grand opening.  Good Luck!

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