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acabbage_cancerHow Can Cabbage Save Me From Cancer?

Cabbage and Cancer are not necessarily synonymous in the minds of most people.  However, the cabbage food has outstanding benefits that do help a great deal in the prevention of every kind of cancer.  The nutritional value cabbage brings to your food consumption is important in not only the prevention of cancer but the destruction of cancerous cells.

Cabbage as Medicine in Protecting Health

Research studies have shown than there are instances where the consumption of cabbage juice has been directly responsible for destroying certain cancerous cells.  It has also been proven to accelerate the healing of ulcer, lessens the onset of stomach, lung, prostrate and colon cancer, and decreases problems with the heart and the danger of eye cataract.

Whether the cabbage you consume is in a raw state or cooked, the nutritional benefits are vitamins E, B, A and C plus minerals and fiber.  The cabbage and the cabbage family possess powerful antioxidants that work overtime in fighting cancer.  Even though cabbage will cause bloating and gas especially if combined with meat, adding some caraway will help decrease the negative effects.

If the mucus membranes of the G.I. tract have been compromised, drinking cultured cabbage juice will help to correct the damage.  To make cultured cabbage juice fill a blender with chopped cabbage and then fill with distilled water to about two-thirds full.  Using the highest speed beat for 1 minute and then pour the liquid into a container and cover.  Do this two more times and let the container sit at room temperature for 72 hours.  Then just strain the contents and refrigerate the juice.  To make more, take the last cup of juice and add it to another batch.  This will only need to sit out for a day to cure.  Each day drink one half cup of water mixed with one half cup of the juice two or three times daily.

Another important ingredient found in cabbage is I3C which has been proven to help slow or prevent prostrate and breast cancer. Raw cabbage and also raw broccoli have also been known to reduce the risk of bladder cancer by forty percent.

How Does Cabbage Fight Cancer?

All of the nutritional value of the cabbage work to fight against cancer by providing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that work to improve overall health by building immunities and destroying cancer cells.  As good as it is to consume cabbage or any member of the cabbage family, it is best to do this no more than three times a week unless you are fighting already damaged cells and drinking diluted cultured cabbage juice as a curative measure.  The recommended dose is one half cup three times weekly to fight cancer along with one half cup mushrooms three or four times a week, one to two tablespoons of flax seeds each day, one half cup of pumpkin three times a week, one and half cups of raspberries two times a week, one half cup of onions three times a week and eight olives every day.

Now you can see why cabbage and cancer can be thought of together.  The nutrients found in cabbage, fighting cancer both as a preventative measure and an aide in the cure of cancers of all kinds should make cabbage a household favorite.

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