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Wedding desserts are changing the traditional cake appeal for many brides and grooms. Instead of a 3-tier wedding cake, many brides and grooms are choosing wedding cupcakes that resemble the structure of a cake. Different reasons go into substituting cupcakes such as the belief that the cost will be cheaper, but it's actually a close race.

Most bakeries allow brides to order the same flavors available for cakes, but the decision should be more focused on whether the couple wants a more traditional look or not. Cupcakes often present a more casual appeal to the ceremony, whereas cake speaks elegance.

Like many brides on a budget, the cost is what attracts attention to the cupcake decision.

Average Cost Breakdown for Cupcake vs. Cake

  • 100 Cupcakes: $300-$350 (each cupcake averaging $3.00-$3.50--not including additional toppings or add-ons)
  • 3-tier Wedding Cake for 100 people: $500-$600

7539-cake-vs-cupcakes-at-a-wedding-1The reason wedding cakes are so expensive is because of the labor, not because of the ingredient cost. A custom design with a unique flavor will be more expensive due to the extra labor and precision needed for every layer or topping. Many bakeries believe the cupcake substitution at weddings started as a trend, but will not be losing popularity anytime soon, even though the cost is relatively the same.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about substituting cupcakes for a wedding.

Cupcake Problems at Weddings

  • Don’t expect the same ‘wow’ reaction like a cake gets at the reception.
  • Less cake when baking causes the cupcake to be more dry tasting than a cake.
  • You can only add small design features due to the limited spacial platform.
  • Most couples also want a 6-inch tier cake on top of layered cupcake effect, which costs an additional $50-$100 and ends up nearly breaking even with just ordering a 3-tier cake for 100 people.
  • Custom designs cost extra on top of the $3.50 initial individual cupcake charge.

Did you get cupcakes or cake at your wedding? How did it go? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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