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can-jealousy-be-good-for-a-relationship-1Jealousy can be common..but is it useful? 

You can be jealous of a sibling, friend or a total stranger. One of the most common relationships for jealousy to appear in is the intimate ones. Jealousy serves an innate purpose when it comes to "mating." It’s a form of protection, but when does it become too much?

Biological anthropologist and author of "Why We Love” Helen Fisher, Ph.D., says that jealousy can be good for a relationship, in small doses.

Jealousy makes you realize that you’re willing to fight for what you have and can often make you appreciate it that much more. Fisher says the emotion becomes an issue when it is "chronic, debilitating and overt."

So, basically, when you begin stalking other women and lose trust in your relationship...things get messy.

There’s a fine line between the "crazy jealous girlfriend" (a.k.a. Jersey Shore or Desperate Housewives) and the "loving, protective girlfriend willing to fight for what she has."

What are your thoughts on jealousy? Helpful, hurtful or something in between? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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