Pointers on When to Wear Open Toe Shoes

In fact there are too many to fit into one or even two articles. Instead we will focus on the most common situations such as: can open toe shoes be worn in the winter?

  • Winter: Wearing open toe shoes after October in winter can be dangerous as well as cold if you live in cold areas of the country. Under these circumstances, it is smart to carry your shoes around until you reach your destination. If you live in an area where it rains a lot in the winter then it is not advisable to wear open toe shoes. For women who live in areas that are warm and dry in the winter, there is no problem with wearing open toe shoes as long as the situation is appropriate.
  • Spring: In most areas, it is very rainy in the spring. Open toe shoes shouldn't be worn if the inside of the shoe is going to get wet from rain or if your feet could get muddy. Save the open toe shoe for those warm, dry spring days that make you think of summer.  Or indeed, for summer!
  • Summer: Summer is truly the season for open toe shoes. While the question in winter is can open toe shoes be worn in the winter, the question in summer is when can't open toe shoes be worn. Toes love to be free but be sure to start the season with a pedicure.
  • Fall: Fall is a bit like spring with lots of rainy days. Open toe shoes can still be worn if the day is warm and dry. The other issue in the fall is loose leaves that usually can't be avoided. When your toes are open to the elements, you have to continuously pay attention to them so that they don't get dirt on them. Walking around with dirty toes isn't acceptable unless you are on a beach.
  • Interviews: Open toe shoes are not acceptable for an interview or in professional work environments. Perhaps a modified open toe is acceptable in a casual office or if you live in a very hot climate.  Many offices have a policy of no open toe shoes and you don't know what their policies are until you get a job there. Wearing open toe shoes in an office that doesn't allow them will only cause problems with people who see you walking around and could present a safety problem if the interviewer wants to give you a tour.
  • Hose or no Hose: It is common to wear open toe shoes without hose and with painted toenails. It is not common to wear hose and it would be inappropriate to wear hose with reinforced toes with an open toe. It would also be in bad taste to wear hose and then get a hole in the toe during the day. Therefore the best policy is to not wear hose with open toe shoes.

This list just covers a few of the most common situations that come up when one is talking about open toe shoes. There are many situations that can come up in a women's life where one would wonder if they should wear open toe shoes. A basic rule to remember is: can you keep your feet dry and clean while you are walking around. If the answer is yes then you can get away with wearing open toe shoes. So can open toe shoes be worn in the winter? Sure but only if the day is warm and dry.

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