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cervical_cancerCervical Cancer Vaccine News

The most recent cancer news is that there is a new cancer vaccine on the market today for cervical cancer known as Gardasil. This vaccine helps prevent two different strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is the most common virus known to cause cervical cancer. It also helps prevent against two other types of HPV which do are not associated with cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer Vaccine-Is It A Cure Or Is It A Curse

The great news is that this new vaccine has shown to be almost 100% effective against HPV however, it will not cure cervical cancer all together due to the fact that HPV is not the only general cause of cervical cancer. All though these women will be having the vaccine they will still need to have yearly pap smears to continue to check for any possible signs.

Exactly how the vaccine is intended to be used is actually determined by the Advisory committee or the Immunization practice. However there has been big controversy on whether Gardasil should be used at the onset of puberty or not. There are some experts that state that it is perfectly safe but there are others that believe that it is not. The makers of the cancer vaccine however are stating that it was developed for young women. They are even urging that some young boys should also consider getting the vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease.

When Should This Vaccine Be Administered?

A seriously raging debate is whether the Gardasil cancer vaccine should be an option or be made mandatory. There are a lot of people out there who feel that it should really be mandatory.  However, there are many religious and educational groups and parents who feel that it should be an option instead. This is due to the fact that they feel the use of the anti cervical cancer vaccine for young women will be sending a message to these teenage girls that it is more than OK to have sex at their age. They feel instead, that it should be left up to the parents as to whether their daughter should receive the shot or not.

What these parents are not stopping to think about is the number of children in the United States today that are already sexually active. Should these children not be made to get this vaccine to prevent the spread of this dreadful disease? It does not matter how much you preach to your child about waiting till the time is right to have sex there are still some that are going to try it anyway. This children need a way to protect themselves and others against cervical cancer.

Every Child Deserves to be Protected

The biggest answer to this debate would be to leave it up to the child whether they wish to get the shot or not. Children over the age of 16 also should not have to have a parents signature to receive the shot either.

With today's society's view and expectations of sex and peer pressure, the cervical cancer vaccine could become a cure and not a curse to this epidemic. More and more parents should be educated on how to discuss the Gardasil cancer vaccine with their own child today.  Tomorrow could then be much brighter for our young women.

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