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mammo_machine2009 Mammogram Machine Regulating Blunder!

Of late the largest trepidation for many women is the possibility of having breast cancer!  Naturally a woman's primary concern is her overall health.  But because breast cancer is the second leading cause of morbidity in women finding out what that lump is early is highly crucial for effective treatment and survival.  Hence the usage of mammography technology has increased and thereby successfully detects signs of breast cancer in millions of women as early as the first stage.

Risks associated with ovarian cancerKnow the Risks associated with ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries but, like any cancer, it can spread if it is not caught right away.  Ovarian cancer is killing thousands of women a year and there is no treatment that has been proven effective at curing or even putting all diagnosed into remission once the cancer is detected.   Therefore, it is best to do everything possible to understand the risks to avoid ovarian cancer.