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fight-lung-cancer-with-purple-toes-headerA fun a supportive gesture of a husband painting his toenails has turned into a campaign to fight lung cancer.

Valerie Brosdal, 53, is a non-smoker who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. When she received the news back in August, she and her family were beyond shocked. Valerie quickly reached out to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and from there, she began treatment in October. During the ups and downs of chemotherapy, one day Valerie decided to get a pedicure and her loving husband, Ralph Kapostins, got one with her as a silly gesture.

channing-tatum-sends-kiss-to-cancer-stricken-fan-headerChanning Tatum is proving he’s a fine actor on the outside and on the inside.

A Kansas teen is probably saying Channing Tatum deserves the greatest guy award...if there is such a thing. Alisa Finley, an 18-year-old who's battling stage-four brain cancer got a kiss from her favorite male actor, Channing Tatum.

Study-Shows-Diets-Heavy-in-Meat-and-Cheese-Linked-to-Cancer-headerLooks like vegetarians and vegans may be onto something.

A new study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, showed people who ate a diet high in animal proteins from milk, meat, and cheese were 74 percent more likely to die earlier and more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes or develop cancer than those who follow a diet low in protein.

cancer-on-rise-to-be-leading-cause-of-deathStudies show that in only 16 years, cancer will beat out heart disease as the number one cause of death among Americans.

A new study has been published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the statistics are extremely negative when it comes to cancer research, facilities, and the disease itself. It is estimated that by 2030, an increase in new cancer cases can reach up to 45% from the current 1.6 million to 2.3 million every year.

11-cancer-fighting-foodsAdd more of these super-foods to your diet to ease cancer worries. 

It’s no secret that eating plant-based foods is nutritious and have many health benefits. These eleven plant-based foods are cancer fighters. A number of articles and studies at Michigan State University, University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, and their respective medical schools as well as health professionals all over the nation prove these super-foods are cancer-fighting foods.