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national-pancreatic-and-lung-cancer-awareness-monthNovember is National Pancreatic and Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Here are facts about both types of cancers.

Many of us have lost loved ones or know someone fighting pancreatic or lung cancer. Cancer in itself, of any kind, is devastating. Research has revealed valuable information about symptoms, and risk factors for pancreatic and lung cancer. So it's good for us to know what causes these cancers, what those who are stricken with cancer are feeling, and how to prevent pancreatic and lung cancer. The following is information you should know.

keep-your-skin-safe-from-dangerous-raysAre you someone who loves to bake outside in the sun? Here are tips to make sure you stay safe. 

Well, skin cancer is real, whether you believe it or not. It’s serious and can happen to anyone. Many women go to tanning salons and bake in a tanning bed multiple times a week.

Ladies, it's time for a wake-up call.

blood-pressure-medicine-may-increase-breast-cancer-risksIf you have used blood pressure calcium channel blockers for 10 years or more, a recent study shows that you may be more than doubly at risk for developing breast cancer.

But don't panic just yet. Researchers say the recent findings are not solid enough to effect changes in how the calcium channel blocker medications are prescribed and that other studies are needed.

In the meantime, women need to step up efforts at managing high blood pressure, such as experimenting with various calcium channel blockers in different doses as an attempt to find the right treatment that works for them.

tamoxifen-prevention-pills-for-breast-cancerThere is hope that these pills will help detour breast cancer cells.

Women who have a consistent family history of fighting breast cancer are being given the option to take a drug, Tamoxifen, to fight cancer cells before they ever show up in tests. These breast cancer pills so far have surfaced in England, Scotland and Wales.