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night-shift-increases-breast-cancer-risksNew Study Gives Another Reason for Night Shifts to be Avoided.

The night shift is often avoided for many reasons. It could throw off your sleep schedule, make you stressed and sleep deprived, among other undesirable factors, but a study by a team of Danish researchers found another surprising downside to the night shift. Working the night shift could make you up to 40% more likely to develop breast cancer. Strides in breast cancer research have found many possible causes of breast cancer, but this one seems somewhat surprising. The numbers found, though, show that these findings could be crucial to breast cancer prevention.

screening-study-finds-skin-cancerDoes Skin Cancer Screening Save Lives?

The Germans have been trying to figure that out through a recent study.  The new study has shown that doctors discover a high number of malignant skin cancer tumors when people are offered a state-wide screening for skin cancer.  According to their statistics, out of 116 people screened, typically five of them need biopsies and one is found with a malignant tumor.  The United States has actually offered government-supported skin cancer screenings to prevent skin cancer in 2009.  But after many screenings, the U.S. Preventative Task Force determined that there was not enough evidence to encourage full body screenings.  The group did not say, however, that we should not get screened for skin cancer.

medical-news-breast-cancer-findingsScientific Research Offers a New Way for Oncologists to Treat Breast Cancer

Medical News on Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is a worldwide problem with 1.4 million women suffering from the disease each year. But according to recent news on health, breast cancer researchers have uncovered promising news for the cancer community.

preventative-mastectomy-breast-cancer-preventionMore Women are Taking Health into Their Own Hands and Opting forProphylactic Mastectomies. 

Breast cancer affects millions of women with one in eight being diagnosed with the disease at some point in life. Women with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer are at an even higher risk for developing the disease. While there are tests that can test a woman for the genetic mutation that ups the risk factor for breast cancer, more and more women are taking their breast cancer prevention a step further by choosing to undergo prophylactic mastectomy surgery. Prophylactic mastectomy procedures have risen by 50 percent in the past ten years, and while the procedure is a great option for some, women shouldn’t rush into the surgery.

smoking-drinking-cancerCancers That Effect Men More

Cancer...the word alone is mind numbing. When it hits you at home or effects someone you are close to or work with, it can be a true reality check. Research shows that men will be suffering from various forms of cancer more often than the ladies. Smoking, drinking, cancer and other lifestyle choices are closely linked. Could you man's bad habits be more than just an annoyance?