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men-and-cancer-statisticsHow to Help the Men in Your Life Prevent Cancer

It's inevitable: you hear of someone close to your heart or in your local community being diagnosed with cancer of some form. You instantly panic to think he could lose his life. You wonder how you can prevent others in your life from getting the same illness. More women need to learn detailed information on men and cancer statistics, because it is so often women who convince the men in their lives to make healthier choices.


What's New in Health Insurance?

A lot of health insurance changes have been made in order to improve the efficiency of our nation’s health care system.  Although many reforms do not take effect until 2014, several important new regulations have already been put into effect and you should understand how they affect you.

genetic_leukemiaTypes of Leukemia Passed Through DNA

Experts don't know all of the causes of leukemia. Most types don't run in families, so it is hard for anyone to say with complete certainty that there is genetic leukemia. In some cases, chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL does appear more in some families than other families, but no one knows why. Genetic conditions like Down Syndrome, Bloom Syndrome and Fanconi Anemia can make acute myelogenous leukemia, or AML, more likely, but others without these conditions can also get the same form of leukemia.

a_cancer_saranneRecent Breast Cancer Survivors In The News 

It has been estimated there will be 207,090 new cases of breast cancer in women and 1,970 in men in this year alone. It is surprising to some that men can acquire this form of cancer as well. Breast cancer can be non-invasive, meaning it is contained in one area, or it can be invasive, suggesting it has spread to other areas of the the breast and lymph nodes.

acabbage_cancerHow Can Cabbage Save Me From Cancer?

Cabbage and Cancer are not necessarily synonymous in the minds of most people.  However, the cabbage food has outstanding benefits that do help a great deal in the prevention of every kind of cancer.  The nutritional value cabbage brings to your food consumption is important in not only the prevention of cancer but the destruction of cancerous cells.