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The Full House star has found herself on the defensive about a post about cleansing. 

When Candace Cameron Bure announced her plan to do a 5-day cleanse,  criticism quickly came to her on social media. "After a very indulgent week in Napa, I'm excited to kick off my 5 day cleanse with @eatpaleta today!!" the actress and 38-year-old mother of three posted on Facebook. 

While the post drew some positive feedback from fans who claimed they admired Bure's determination, many began accusing the star of plugging a product and some criticized the actress for not eating "real food."

But Bure took the backlash in stride, posting a little clarification for her fans.

"After reading your comments, let me expand! I'm excited to start my 5 day cleanse not to lose weight but to get my body back on track, ridding all the toxins and unhealthy stuff I've put in it the last few months," she wrote.

"Since being off Dancing With the Stars, my body has struggled to find its balance after having danced up to 8 hours a day and eating so clean," she wrote. "After going back to my normal eating habits as well as extended overindulgent summertime vacation eating and normal exercise routine, my body has endured some confusion causing some minor health issues. That is private, so I will not go into detail, but this cleanse is just a step to getting it back on track because I know that food is a key source to healthy living."

And to further address the issue of "real food" and the negative comments she added even more.

"If you still comment about how unhealthy I am for doing a cleanse or that I don't need to lose weight, I'll know that you never read any of this and I won't bother answering any comments below of that nature," she concluded.

The second post earned Bure even more likes than her original post and earned her praise from several fans.

"I so appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration of those who follow your page," one person wrote. "Even though I think it is silly what some people comment and think, you are always gracious and are firm yet kind."

Photo Credit: Instagram

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