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Can't Stop The Music? Chew Gum

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An earworm is not a worm that lands in your ear and chews at your brain, as I originally thought. An earworm is when you have that one song playing in your head and it just won't stop.

Lately for me it's been "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten, which motivates me throughout the day but at one point, Pitbull saturated my brain with  "Time of My Life" on repeat.

But if that song bothers you, good news is at hand!  A new study released by the Journal of Experimental Psychology at the University of Reading in the UK found that chewing gum helps stop that music in your head.

Apparently, researchers found that chewing gum interferes with “voluntary processes such as recollections from verbal memory, the interpretation of ambiguous auditory images, and the scanning of familiar melodies.” In other words, it helps distract that part of your brain that won’t stop playing that one song.

So not only will chewing gum freshen your breath, it will refresh your mind!  

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