caroline1Music and fashion come hand in hand. Look back on iconic figures in the fashion world and you’ll notice they’re also musicians—Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Madonna, Patti Smith, Courtney Love – so it stands to reason that woman musicians today are equally as influential with their music as they are with their fashion.

Well, Caroline Smith is at least. The front woman for the up-and-coming band Caroline Smith radiates confidence, and well, why wouldn’t she?! With a voice like hers it’s hard to call yourself self-conscious.


caroline5Her hair is the envy of every straight-haired woman and her clothes are as loud as her voice, which, believe us, is saying a lot.

We trekked out to the most hipster of hipster bars in Chicago (The Hideout) last month, where Smith and her band were performing in honor of their newly released album “Half About Being a Woman,” and caught up with the lusciously lax lady singer.

How would you describe your style? What inspires you most in your wardrobe? 
I describe my style as classic. A black shirt and high-waist jeans with my hair down and curly is what I feel comfortable in. So my challenge is always trying to spruce it up for while I'm on stage. People that I look to for style inspirations is Leandra Medine, Solange, Rousie Assoulin to name a few.

What's your go-to outfit outside of performances?
I pick a few pieces of jewelry to wear, and then I wear them all year, pretty much, while exchanging basic top. I feel like my biggest accessory is my crazy curly hair and if I have too crazy of an outfit on, it's just too much. My go to outfit these days is a baseball t, black high waist pants, a chunky gold watch, and big gold hoops.

caroline4What most inspires you in terms of your wardrobe? 
I am absolutely in love with Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) and I try to implement her gospel whenever I can. Also, I totally get my taste for classics and flattering women's wear from Diane Von Furstenerg. I absolutely adore her for her grace and her courageousness. 

Do you match your outfits to your music?
I suppose I do. My everyday style is very basic, but when I get up on stage, I don't feel like my music is basic so I try to where some thing a little  bit more sassy or eccentric. I never wander far from the basics, but I definitely try to spruce it up for the music I sing.

How has your style evolved with your music?
I am a lot more adventurous with what I wear on stage, especially with the addition of the back up singers; they're always encouraging me to wear bolder things and I love them for that.

What is your favorite closet staple? 
I have two: my gold hoops and a pair of high heels. You can take any outfit and make it look super fresh just by adding those two things- I swear, I've slapped those two things on a pair of PJs and felt totally ready to go out to a bar with my girlfriends (a la Man Repeller). 

If you could pick one thing to wear every day what would it be?
Any kind of flowy dress. Bloating doesn't exist when you're in a sun dress. 

Where do you get most of your clothes?
I get a lot of designer things off eBay and a lot of my basics from Zara's online store. 

Check out more of Caroline's music at her website or catch her this weekend in Chicago.

Photos: Dave Dvorak



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