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  • How & Why You Should Eat More Fish

    How & Why You Should Eat More Fish

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem like a chore, especially during long days at the office. One easy way to make a positive change in your weekly diet is by featuring more fish. The undersea fare boasts lengthy benefits for your everyday health.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 suggests Americans eat fish twice a week. Check out these seven ways to incorporate fish into your favorite dishes. It's simpler than you think!

  • Add to a Piece of Toast

    Add to a Piece of Toast

    Making a decadent and elegant lunchtime meal is easy with just a few simple ingredients. Whether you're storing the necessary ingredients at work or throwing a few things into your bag in the morning, layer together a piece of bread and one of StarKist®'s delicious Tuna & Salmon Creations® pouches... and voila! You have a lunch that is tasty and easy.

  • Create Your Own Wrap

    Create Your Own Wrap

    Giving your taste buds a zesty kick in the middle of the day is a surefire way to keep you alert and ready for the remainder of a busy schedule. Add some spice to a warm tortilla with a bring-it-on-the-go pouch of spicy tuna. We bet your midday meal has never tasted so good. Throw the packet in your purse, add it into your wrap at work and have your spicy treat available anytime.


  • Add To Some Greens And Veggies

    Add To Some Greens And Veggies

    Greens are a great start to a healthy meal but why not add some flavor and protein with StarKist Tuna or Salmon Creations® to your salad for a deliciously easy meal? Throw a small container of greens in your bag, along with one of the convenient StarKist Tuna or Salmon Creations® Pouches and mix the two together midday.

  • Add to a Can of Soup

    Add to a Can of Soup

    Stashing a can of soup in your desk at work is an easy, tasty (and warm!) way to make sure your lunch is both balanced and filling. Make it even more protein-packed and delectable by adding StarKist Creations™, which provides heart-healthy Omega-3s.  Turn a generic soup into your own yum-worthy creation.

  • Add To Pasta

    Add To Pasta

    Made too much pasta last night and not sure how to revive it for a worthy meal? Keep the leftovers, add a StarKist Tuna or Salmon Creations® Pouch to the pasta and microwave the two together for an easy and fresh take on last night's dinner. Need something your kids will eat? StarKist® also offers Kid's Creations® Tuna Pouches in kid-friendly flavors like Bacon Ranch and Honey BBQ. Make pasta and tuna a weeknight meal with this fun pasta recipe.

  • Add To Steamed Rice

    Add To Steamed Rice

    Steamed rice all by itself is easy… but pretty boring. Adding a pouch of salmon into the mix is a one-step-wonder that makes your bowl of rice into the lunch you've been craving since breakfast. Both the rice and the salmon are easily stored at your office or thrown into your bag before heading off to work.

  • Make Your Own Tuna Melt

    Make Your Own Tuna Melt

    Tuna melts do not require the finesse or expertise that you might think, especially when using a pouch of StarKist Tuna Creations®. Heat up the tuna and spread it across a piece of toast with a slice of your favorite cheese and a little butter or Dijon mustard. You'll be surprised at your easy-to-make and oh-so-delish creation.

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