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casey-anthony-lifetime-movieRob Lowe will star in a Lifetime movie about the shocking trial of Casey Anthony. 

The shocking trial of mother Casey Anthony, who was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, is going to be dramatized in a film on the Lifetime network. Rob Lowe, who starred as famed convicted murderer Drew Peterson on the Lifetime network earlier this year, will star as Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jeff Ashton. The film is going to focus on the shocking trial of Casey Anthony and will explore the lawyer client relationship between Casey Anthony and Jeff Ashton. 

Casey Anthony 

The story of Casey Anthony has been so dramatic; Lifetime movie network will probably stick very close to facts in the new film focusing on the Casey Anthony trial. Casey Anthony has been a subject of speculation, accusation and hatred since 2008 when she reported her then 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony missing. Following a confusing series of events full of indiscretion and discrepancies in her stories, the body of Caylee Anthony was found not far from her mother’s home in Florida. Casey Anthony was the main suspect in the case and spent three years in prison awaiting trial. 

Trial of Casey Anthony

All of America watched last summer as the trial for Casey Anthony, a young mother accused of murdering her toddler Caylee Anthony, unfolded on television. The most shocking moment during the entire trial was the verdict. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, a verdict that almost no one expected. The high drama real life trial is going to be dramatized and will be a film on the Lifetime network. Casey Anthony’s lawyers are credited with pulling off the impossible by getting Casey Anthony acquitted and the Lifetime movie will focus on the legal process. 

Casey Anthony Latest News

One condition of Casey Anthony’s acquittal was that the young mother cannot ever profit from selling her story. Casey Anthony is not legally allowed to make any money from the Lifetime film that will star Rob Lowe as a lawyer for the Casey Anthony defense. The latest Casey Anthony news has been hard to come by as the young mother has been living in hiding to protect herself from a large majority of America that hates her and believes she got away with murder. 

Casey Anthony Lifetime Movie

The Lifetime movie network is known for covering the most polarizing topics and many were expecting that Lifetime would make a film about the shocking trial of Casey Anthony. Rob Lowe is the first to announce that he will definitely star in the Casey Anthony trial film on the Lifetime network. Speculation is now running rampant on which Hollywood actress will play mother Casey Anthony, the most hated woman in America. One thing is for sure the Lifetime movie will replay some of the most shocking moments from the Casey Anthony trial and will shed light on the legal process that the Casey Anthony defense team went through. Many are outraged by the announcement as well because many feel that the most important aspect of the situation is being forgotten, that 2-year-old Caylee Anthony lost her life. 

Let us know what you think. Do you think the drama and new Lifetime movie about the Casey Anthony trial will glamorize such a sad situation? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter. 

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