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It's time for cat lovers to join the 21st century and let their fondness for felines show on their smartphone. Simply having your cat as the wallpaper background on your device is so 2005, let your cat love show in every app you download. To start you off, here's four apps that all cat lovers should download now. 

1. Cute Or Not

cute-or-not-appThe latest app from Buzzfeed adopts Tinder style left and right swiping and applies it to cute (or not) pictures of cats, dogs and every pet in between. Fair warning - it's very easy to get addicted to right swiping all of the cute pets on the app, so don't be surprised if you've suddenly spent 20 minutes aww-ing over other people's cats.  


2. Weather Kitty

Weather-kittyChecking the forecast is a daily necessity, so why not make it an adorable one? Weather Kitty gives you an accurate weather report for your location with a fun cat-themed interface. You can even customize what cats are on the app by unlocking them from the app's store for a few dollars. All proceeds from the app go to animal charities.  

3. Jitter Bug

jitter-bugYou'll want to make sure you have a good screen cover on your phone or tablet before downloading this app... as it's a game that not meant for you, it's mean for your cats. The game displays colorful bugs on a black screen that your cats can squash with their paw. To win the game they have to squash all of the bugs. 

4. Clumsy Cat

clumsy-catThis is a game that anyone who has ever owned a cat will be able to appreciate. The goal of the game is simple, clumsy cat needs to destroy as many thing as possible before it's owner arrives home. Sound familiar to anyone? 

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