Cat-Eye How-ToDraw a flawless cat-eye.

Cat-eyes are super sexy eyes you want on date night or on girl’s night out. If you want to wear it but don’t know how, here’s how to draw a flawless cat-eye.

MSA-006598How to Get Cat-Eyes

Gel eye liner is a good formula to use but precision lies with liquid eye liner. Use what you feel most comfortable with.


  1. Apply eye makeup as you wish.
  2. Dip liner (flat) brush into gel liner or remove liquid liner applicator from container.
  3. Close your eye.
  4. Staying close to you lash line, dot along the lash line from the inner to outer corners.
  5. Connect the dots and extend the line past the outer corner of your eye.
  6. When you draw the line to the outer corner with the liquid liner, a simple swipe will do the trick. You may need to make the line more intense and more catty by tracing the line from the outer corner to the middle of the lash line.
  7. For gel liner, dip your flat brush into the gel formula and close your eye. Extend the line with the brush horizontally. Make a straight line from the end of the line to the end of the lash line (where the line begins to extend).
  8. Fill in the space.

Wink with your new cat-eyes!

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