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If your pet had a theme song, it would be "You've Got A Friend In Me" from the Toy Story soundtrack. Nothing makes your furry friend happier than making new friends of their own!

So it's important as a pet parent that you keep them happy and healthy enough to enjoy all those playdates. 

Speaking of which, it's important that owners of super social animals have plenty of time in their lives for playtime, walks and trips to the dog park. Your pet won't be happy if they spend their whole day alone, and you won't be happy being the ONLY person receiving all of that pent up love!

To make sure your socialite is always smiling and healthy, check out the WomensForum guide to owning a socialite:



Socialite pets love to play, so it's important to have interactive toys that let you play with them. Dog parents should make sure to always have at least one frisbee (1) in their toy box, while cat owners do well with teaser wands (3). These are toy loving, and sharing, pets so finding not just toys, but fun festive toys (2) will keep these social pets very happy.


If your playful pet is going to be up in your face, your going to want to make sure they've got fresh breath. Besides brushing their teeth, make sure your treats do double duty! There is no reason their reward can't also offer you a fresher smell when your favorite furry friend wants to get supper close. Natural Balance Dental Chews (4) will make sure those sweet kisses smell just as sweet as they feel.


Don't be shocked, as the pet parent of a social dog you will find yourself at the dog park, a lot. While there, you'll want to make sure your pup is wearing a harness (5) just in case those other dogs aren't as friendly as your little sweetheart. It's much easier to steer them away from any potential scuffles, on the leash or off, in a harness. The harness, even when it is not attached to the leash, gives you more places to grab and hold your moving socialite.

taylor-swift-cool-cat-lady-headerTaylor Swift has accomplished many things in the past 25 years of her young life. She's become one of the top-selling artists of all time, she successfully challenged Apple (and won), but by far one of her most impressive feats is that she's somehow made being a cat lady cool. 

For the majority of recent history, a cat lady has not been something you'd want to call yourself. The stereotypical "cat lady" is an old single spinster type of woman who's not necessarily all there in the mind department.  

cat-lady-gifPhoto Credit: Fox/The Simpsons

T-Swift essentially "swift-ed" the whole idea, embracing the cat lady moniker like a badge of honor. It has inspired people to rethink the cat lady label, and even happily adopt the title themselves. 

Swift is known for frequently posting about and with her cats, Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson, all over social media. Her cats are frequently spotted in her arms in paparazzi photos and have even made cameos in her musical videos and commercials. 


Meredith has been mad all day.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

With Swift being the reigning princess of pop, her influence has made it so that obsessing over your cat(s) is now more than just socially acceptable, it's cool. So cool in fact, people have begun showing their fondness for felines in their wardrobe

And although you could argue that Swift isn't the sole reason for the immense uptick in cat lady pride, you can't deny all the good work she's doing for the cat lady cause. 

Header Photo Credit: Splash


The internet was created for two things - communicating knowledge and new ideas over a vast worldwide network and of course, sharing pictures of cute cats. OK, well maybe not so much the latter, but what would the internet be without the ability to find thousands of adorable pictures of kittens frolicking through a field of flowers at a moments notice?   

So with that in mind, we've curated a list of our absolute favorite of the cutest and sassiest cats on the web...

1. Fig Newton


A photo posted by Fig Newton (@fignewtongram) on

This sassy ginger cat with a squashed face has possibly the best reaction faces of any creature on this entire planet. 

2. Bebe The Cat


A photo posted by BEBE (@_bebethecat_) on

With every photo expertly filtered to show off her gorgeous giant green eyes and a luxurious fur coat, Bebe the cat is basically #lifegoals for every cat on the 'gram. 

3. Princess Monster Truck 

Besides having an awesome name and an awesome line of clothing with her face on it, Princess Monster Truck also has an awesome story. When she was just a kitten, she was found abandoned on the streets of New York City. Her owners rescued the kitten with a funky underbite and set up a now super popular Instagram account for her. 

4. Mayrilyn


A photo posted by mayrilyn (@mayrilyn) on


A photo posted by mayrilyn (@mayrilyn) on

You get a 2 for 1 special with Mayrilyn's Instagram account, because they post pics of both of their Persian cats, Van and Yvessant. Follow for the cat's grumpy squished faces, stay for the adorable post bath time pictures, where the cats resemble tiny furry aliens. 

5. Lil Bub  


A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

What kind of cats of Instagram list would this be without Lil Bub? This majestic little cat always has the ability to bring a smile to any face, mainly because there's always a smile on hers.  

Photo Credit: Instagram


It's time for cat lovers to join the 21st century and let their fondness for felines show on their smartphone. Simply having your cat as the wallpaper background on your device is so 2005, let your cat love show in every app you download. To start you off, here's four apps that all cat lovers should download now. 

1. Cute Or Not

cute-or-not-appThe latest app from Buzzfeed adopts Tinder style left and right swiping and applies it to cute (or not) pictures of cats, dogs and every pet in between. Fair warning - it's very easy to get addicted to right swiping all of the cute pets on the app, so don't be surprised if you've suddenly spent 20 minutes aww-ing over other people's cats.  


2. Weather Kitty

Weather-kittyChecking the forecast is a daily necessity, so why not make it an adorable one? Weather Kitty gives you an accurate weather report for your location with a fun cat-themed interface. You can even customize what cats are on the app by unlocking them from the app's store for a few dollars. All proceeds from the app go to animal charities.  

3. Jitter Bug

jitter-bugYou'll want to make sure you have a good screen cover on your phone or tablet before downloading this app... as it's a game that not meant for you, it's mean for your cats. The game displays colorful bugs on a black screen that your cats can squash with their paw. To win the game they have to squash all of the bugs. 

4. Clumsy Cat

clumsy-catThis is a game that anyone who has ever owned a cat will be able to appreciate. The goal of the game is simple, clumsy cat needs to destroy as many thing as possible before it's owner arrives home. Sound familiar to anyone? 


Dog has long been man's best friend, and according to a new study, that feeling may be mutual. Japanese researchers have found that dogs can not only tell when people are being not so nice to their owners, but that they will also respond coldly or completely snub those rude people in future interactions. 

The researchers conducted an experiment where they had three groups of dogs watch their owners interact with two strangers in attempts to open a box. In the first group, one stranger would remain neutral when the owner asked for help, and one stranger would refuse to help. In the second group, one stranger would again remain neutral, and the other stranger would offer help. In the third and final group, both strangers remained neutral, neither offering or refusing help. 

After the interaction both of the strangers would offer food to the dog. Researchers found that in the first group the dog would ignore the rude stranger and accept food from the neutral party. In the other two groups there was no preference from which stranger the dog would accept food from.

“We discovered for the first time that dogs make social and emotional evaluations of people regardless of their direct interest,” said lead researcher Kazuo Fujita, a professor of comparative cognition at Kyoto University.

Now dog owners can know for sure that their furry friend has got their back.