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Super Girl Project

Super Girls Who Are Smart Women

Super Girls Who Are Smart Women
It is casually called the "Genius Grant" because, like the name implies, you kind of have to be a genius to get it. The MacArthur Foundation announced the 2016 list of artists, creatives, scientists and musicians who each get...

Cathy Jacobs - Movie Therapy

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Movie Therapy

by Cathy Jacobs (Womensforum.com Partner and Entertainment Expert)

Welcome to the Movie Therapy blog- a darkened room, a comfortable couch and an emotional connection. The trappings of a typical therapist's office are much the same as your TV room. Only, it's a lot cheaper to download a movie, or rent a DVD, than pay triple-digits an hour for the talking cure. Behold, the power of movies to provide escape, release, comfort and inspiration for life's big and small problems. So dim the lights, get comfy and let "Movie Therapy" prescribe flicks to cure what ails you. The movie doctor is in!

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