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The internet was created for two things - communicating knowledge and new ideas over a vast worldwide network and of course, sharing pictures of cute cats. OK, well maybe not so much the latter, but what would the internet be without the ability to find thousands of adorable pictures of kittens frolicking through a field of flowers at a moments notice?   

So with that in mind, we've curated a list of our absolute favorite of the cutest and sassiest cats on the web...

1. Fig Newton


A photo posted by Fig Newton (@fignewtongram) on

This sassy ginger cat with a squashed face has possibly the best reaction faces of any creature on this entire planet. 

2. Bebe The Cat


A photo posted by BEBE (@_bebethecat_) on

With every photo expertly filtered to show off her gorgeous giant green eyes and a luxurious fur coat, Bebe the cat is basically #lifegoals for every cat on the 'gram. 

3. Princess Monster Truck 

Besides having an awesome name and an awesome line of clothing with her face on it, Princess Monster Truck also has an awesome story. When she was just a kitten, she was found abandoned on the streets of New York City. Her owners rescued the kitten with a funky underbite and set up a now super popular Instagram account for her. 

4. Mayrilyn


A photo posted by mayrilyn (@mayrilyn) on


A photo posted by mayrilyn (@mayrilyn) on

You get a 2 for 1 special with Mayrilyn's Instagram account, because they post pics of both of their Persian cats, Van and Yvessant. Follow for the cat's grumpy squished faces, stay for the adorable post bath time pictures, where the cats resemble tiny furry aliens. 

5. Lil Bub  


A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

What kind of cats of Instagram list would this be without Lil Bub? This majestic little cat always has the ability to bring a smile to any face, mainly because there's always a smile on hers.  

Photo Credit: Instagram

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