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Do You Have the Feeling You Have To Go, But You Can't?

Urinary tract infections other wise known as UTI or Fearnes Syndrome is basically an infection caused by bacteria that can be found anywhere in the urinary tract. Symptoms of UTI include frequent feeling of the need to urinate, pain during urination and cloudy urine.

The main bacterial culprit is known as Escherichia coli. Although urine has waste products in it, including salt and fluids, urine normally has no bacteria in it and when this bacteria gets up into the bladder or kidney it can multiply rather quickly and be one of the causes of UTI. The most common types of urinary tract infection include cystitis and pyelonephritis, the latter of which is the more serious kind.


Causes of UTI

Their is a high risk to contract UTI for diabetics and those who have sickle-cell disease. Those who are lucky enough to be having a highly active sex life may also be more likely to contract a bout of a urinary tract infection. These are just the most common conditions to spark an infection, however, and there are many other variables that can play a role including anatomical differences in a person's urinary tract which may be prone to trapping bacteria. Pregnancy or prostrate enlargement in some men can also raise the chances or be a cause of UTI.

Women in general have a bigger chance of contracting infections in their urinary tracts for the simple reason that a female has a much shorter urethra than a male and the anus is much closer to the opening of the urethra than the male compounding the chances that bacteria from there may enter a woman's urethra. Furthermore, males have secretions from their prostate that help to kill bacteria, dropping their chances of having to deal with UTI.

In some cases there are some habits that can help a woman to prevent UTI. Since bacteria can enter the urinary tract through the urethra, a woman could wipe from front to back only once with each tissue to avoid this from happening when going to the bathroom. This simple practice ensures bacteria from your anus in the behind doesn't make it to the urethra in the front!

Another cause of urinary tract infection could be allergies. Some foods that you are allergic to could be causing irritations in your bladder which increases chances of contracting UTI or at least the likelihood for bacteria to infect your bladder. Infections inside the bladder can also be caused by an allergy to latex, spermicide or other substances in a condom and can be a UTI cause to either confirm or rule out.

Older people are more likely to harbor bacteria in their genitourinary system than people who are younger and have more robust resistances in their bodies. For this reason elderly people can have increased susceptibility to an infection in the urinary tract. These symptoms in the elderly may call for the use of antibiotics but not always, since there have been controversies about overusing antibiotics for the elderly when the pros outweigh the cons and this decision should be guided by a temperate scientific mind from the medical field.

Getting a urinary tract infection is not fun and can really put a damper on your life, the treatment for UTI most of the time, however, is pretty simple. The doctor will probably give you a short course of antibiotics and you will be feeling well again within days. Thank goodness for medical technology.

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