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iStock 864541916 CroppedThis year on February 16th, countries around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Each year, the tradition of Chinese New Year marks the celebration of a specific animal that coincides with themes that will be seen throughout the year. This year’s Chinese New Year Celebration will mark the year of the dog, an animal tied to loyalty, family and working through blockages.

What To Eat

If you’re looking way for ways to celebrate Chinese New Year, try getting together with a large group of friends to make a traditional Chinese meal. Attempting an authentic chinese meal not only invites the smells of savory Chinese food into your home, it invites some ancient Chinese luck that could improve your finances, relationships and health. Some meals made around the new year include things like steamed fish, braised pork spare ribs, cauliflower fried rice and braised duck leg. Need some ideas? Check out these amazing Chinese cooking bloggers.

What To Do

Another way to ring in the new year is to get together and play games. One of the most traditional Chinese games is Mahjong, a game that was developed in the Qing Dynasty and is won by placing a series of specific tiles together. There are many different styles of Mahjong, so make sure everyone is on the same page about the rules and regulations.

How To Style Your Celebration

A third way to celebrate Chinese New Year is to focus on the themes the holiday is designed to create. For the Chinese, themes like luck, good health and prosperity are often celebrated. One symbol the Chinese use to cultivate wealth is a fish. For them, fish are connected to water and water is connected to money. Other symbols that cultivate prosperity include tangerines, oranges and red Chinese lanterns. A major symbol connected to Chinese New Year is the dragon. For those who believe, the dragon is symbolic of strength, power and good luck.

You can also ring in Chinese New Year by wearing red. In fact, it’s been said that red socks or underwear will bring luck and wealth in the coming year - and who doesn’t want that! Happy Lunar New Year!  

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